Best 6 things you should have care in your life

Best 6 things  you should have care in your life

the less exercises pressure you put on your hurt ,the better being overweight means more unneeded work and stress on your heart. So do your best to slowly lose to your weight to slimy fit

you can’t always control stressful situation on your environment or the people around you. However ,you can control how you react to stress. Your mind, emotions and heart are all interconnceted

having plaque in your arteries high blood pleasure, and high blood sugar… All affect your heart in a negative way and decrease circulation. So make sure you manage your vitals.

your heart is a muscle and it requiers minerals to flex ,pump and do its job. Make sure you take additional minerals in your diet-such as magnesium, calcium and potassium

so what you want to do is manage your fluids. This means not drinking unnecessary fluids such as sodas, juices alcohol and energy drinks.

5 ways to decrease your heart failuer symptoms, strengthen your heart to improve this situation, so you can live a longer healthier life and avoid a heart attack or stroke.


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