How to do bigger chest workout ???

How to do bigger chest workout ???

hey do you want to gain big chest. Here are the tips to get bigger chest workout at gym

bigger chest workout Diet Chart

    • 2 boil mashed potatoes
    • 1 cup curd.
    • This meal will help to improve your energy.
    • 100g chicken Brest
    • 1 cup of rice and 50g broccoli.
    • This meal will lead to the fast recovery of your muscles.


Exercise (Set 4 Repetitions 10-12).

  • warmup your body with 3-4 sets of pushups and repetition is 10-15.
  • The first exercise is Flat branch press this exehttpsrcise improves your chest muscles. (In your workout): Do it toward the start of your chest workout for heavy sets in lower rep
  • ranges. Consider varying your grip width for more complete chest development.
  • The second exercise is inclined branch press this exercise improves your upper chest. (in your workout): The benefit is that you’ll be fresher and can lift more weight, which puts a greater amount of stress on the upper pec fibers and could lead to more growth
bigger chest workout
  • The third exercise is machine fly this exercise improves your inner chest. (In your workout) : Hit the pec deck last in your chest routine for sets of 10-12.


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