How to get big forarms??

How to get big forarms??

The article is for all the guys who want to build stong and big forearms.

today I’ll show you best exercise for forearms.

Why should You Do Forearms Exercise?

The perfect forearm

well, if you have massive arms you need to build your forearms, as well.

That will give you a better look, but it will also make you stronger and it will make doing other exercise easier which will help you build muscle mass on other parts such as back, shoulders, and biceps.

you can stimulate your forearms with exercises like bieceps curls, rowing, pull-ups, but to get better results you need to add special exercise to your workout (especially if your forearms are you weak spot).

When should you Do These Exercise?

Add these exercises to the end of every workout or do one workout only with these exercise.

Take a break between sets, 60 seconds maximum.

you will need no more than 15 minutes to do these exercises. It is best to do 3 sets with 10-12 reps.

So, let’s start.

5 Best forearms Exercises

1. Seatead Wrist crul.

you can do the seated wrist Crul with a barbell, cable, or dumbbells. The upside of using dumbbells is that you can use them you aren’t fully able to turn your forearm and you have difficulties using the barbell.

simply grab the dumbbells with hands shoulder width apart, learn your forearms on a bench or your thighs so that your arms can bend toward the floor.

Grasp the dumbbells firmly and start extending your forearms lowering the dumbbells towards the floor.

Bring the dumbbells back to the starting position which will contract your muscles.

Try to avoid sudden movements since you can get injured easily.

2 Reverse seated wrist crul

Similar to the seated wrist crul, you can do the reserves seated wrist crul with your hands face down. Hold the Dumbbells (the cable, or the barbell) with your forearms leaning on a bench or your thighs and hold your hands parallel to the floor, lower the dumbbells and let your muscles stretch and then start lifting and weight and go back to the starting position.

Remember, control your moves and don’t swing the Dumbbells. A tip: increase intensity by holding the muscles contraction for a few seconds. You don’t use big weights, anyway, you will feel the burn afterward.

3 hammer Crul

This is an exercise usually done for bieceps workout, but it’s really good for your forearms, too. It engages your brachialis and brachioradialis alongside with your biecps. Grab the dumbbells and do the exercise as you are holding hammers.

4 Reverse Crul

Another great exercise and an alternative to the hammer curl is the reverse barbell Crul. Do the reverse barbell Crul with a reverse grip on the barbell with hands about shoulder width apart. Choose a moderate weight and do it right.

5 forarms walk

This is one of the basic exercises for the strongman competitions which improves your strength and muscle endurance. Grasp the dumbbells and simply walk. Your body needs to be straight while moving. It also needs to be tight and it’s better to smaller steps. If you choose to do it with big weights, watch on your back during lifting and lowering weights.


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