Top 5 Shirts Every Guys Need in His Closet.

Top 5 Shirts Every Guys Need in His Closet.

What’s up guys. I know that ideally we would have 100 shirts in our close right a bunch of different types and colors and fabric.

That sounds good but the reality it’s expensive. Not everyone has the money to get all these clothes.

So what are the five shirts that every guys needs the five most versatile easy to wear the five styles that would get you covered.

1 while Oxford shirt.

There are just so many events in life where you know we have to wear one of these shirts and l’m not even talking about like after you’re 30 we’re getting older.

I mean like 14years old and up I,m talking high School dance prom. Anything that requires a tie. Like now do you plan on dressing to a job interview without a nice Oxford shirt.

Don’t make the mistake of trying something crazy like a crazy outfit for an interview. Go with the classics because they work in a white Oxford shirt is they way to go.

Plus you can either dress them up or down for example for a more casual look you can just open up one or two buttons and pull off an easy breezy summer look by the way when you’re shopping for these make sure that they fit you nicely.

You don’t want to show up to your job interview looking like your stole you dad’s shirt.

2 Floral shirts.

you’re going from the classics to something a little bit more but there. All right something with a little bite more flavor and personality than a basic but no l’m talking about my favorites shirts right now floral shirts. Now when I say floral I mean fun patterns it doesn’t necessarily have to be flowers all right.

It could be dots, can be camel. It could be different patterns than are fun and like in the summertime an easy way to give off those relaxing but upbeat summer vibes is by rocking and floral shirt.

I like to open up the top two buttons if I’m feeling lucky l’ll even go for three buttons then I’ll put on my favorite sunglasses some accessories like a nice necklace they can actually see when you unbutton your shirt and all of a sudden you have a really cool floral tees and that’s another option for you guys if you want to create a chill summer look not as out there as a floral shirt if you wanna just get started and just dip your toes in the water for now for whatever reason you think that you’re now ready for them. But I’m telling you no one should think that way.

just try one because I know that That’s how I felt I felt like I couldn’t really pull it off and then I tried it and like it just looks great. So try it out. I’m sure you’re goona love it.

3 Solid Colour POLOS.

Now I think that polos deserve a little bit more love than they actually get. I say that because it’s a really good in between.

It’s a great shirt to wear when you’re not sure what a night is going to take you because it’s not too formal or too casual no matter where you go you’re going to fit in. It’s also a great shirt for the summer.

It’s the perfect first day shirt. It works great for backyard barbecues and small get togethers so it’s such an easy shirt to wear the fit should be good though.

They should hug your arms properly but not too tight. You know make sure there aren’t too long or two wide around your torso. And what I would recommend for color is you know obviously the basics of start soild colors. Ideally no logos grey, navy, black or white. So you can wear them with pretty much anything.

4 Turtleneck Shirt.

Probably the easiest way to take your outfit to the next level. It makes me look a hundred times smarter than I really am.

All right pair it with some nice glasses and your’re going to look like you’re the smartest person in the room and the coolest thing about turtlenecks through is that you can actually pair them with an edgy outfit as well.

It works I’ve worn mine with leather jackets and it’s actually a great look. On the other side l’ve also worn mine with suits and that looks incredible. I’m not the biggest fan of ties.

To be honest with you guys. So this is my go to look for suits. The one restriction that I would have here is if you’re really young this probably isn’t the look for you. There’s no right or a specific age but you know I’m talking like 12 13 14.

5 Crew Neck T-shirt

I would not be able to make a list without talking about these. Right and no l’m not saying good old fashion crew necks. They just come and go as a trend.

You know it’s not something that you need in your closet beacause it might go out of style at any point just like it did. Now 20 19. Think this one too much by the way. If you can afford a nice fixer you know more expensive t then go for it there’s no harm in that.

Otherwise you can also just get something more affordable from Zara from unique low and pick a few of them especially when it comes to white tees.

Those get pretty dirty or stained quickly right. So getting a couple and maybe three or four of those affordable ones is a good idea. I recommend you start with solid colors but I’ve been really digging some graphic tees recently. Man I don’t know.

I used to not really love them but I think it’s so cool to give the show some personality.

Maybe a little bit of attitude with your style right especially in the summertime when you know you’ve literally just wearing t shirts in jeans or t shirts and shorts so you know graphic tees can be a little bit of a change in show some personality show some attitude instead of a solid possibly boring t shirt.


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